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FS Knives


FS Knife in case

Marines FS Knife side 1

Marines FS Knife side 2

    In 1940, Captains Fairbairn and Sykes met at the offices of Wilkinson Sword to discuss and refine the design of a knife, which came to be the ultimate fighting knife of its time and the knife they designed went to three different patterns. The knife would have been carried in a rawhide leather scabbard with first a nickel but later a blackened metal chape with an elastic strap retainer and a pair of ‘tabs’; sewn to the scabbard to allow the wearer to sew the scabbard to his uniform clothing. It was never intended as a throwing knife.

    The knife displayed is based on the 2nd Pattern and retains the tapering pointed blade of diamond section 7” long, with a cross guard of 2”. The grip now has a finely turned and precision machined finish and retains its perfect balance. This FS Knife is manufactured in England with the carbon steel blade being produced in Sheffield.

    Various options are available for the final finish and etching of the blade..

    Plain Steel Blade in presentation box


    Plain Black Blade in presentation box


    Steel Blade with etching: Royal Marines, Globe & Laurel, 'Per Mare, Per Terram' in scrolls in presentation box


    Steel Blade with personalised etching: name within scrolls in presentation box


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