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Infantry Miniature (Letter Opener)


Infantry Miniature (Letter Opener)

Infantry Miniature (Letter Opener)

Infantry Miniature (Letter Opener) + etching

Infantry Miniature (Letter Opener) + etching

    This superb miniature is a perfect copy of the current sword worn by officer’s of the Infantry and other Corps as well as the Royal Marines. It is also carried by Senior Warrant officers. 

    The design dates back to 1895 when the change in sword fighting demanded a thrusting blade in place of the cut and thrust blade of the previous Victorian officer’s swords. 

    In 1897, the pattern of this miniature, the inside of the guard was turned down to prevent chafing the uniform coat, The guard bears the crest of the reigning monarch and scroll designs. 

    Such is the popularity of this design that this pattern is carried by officers of Commonwealth countries and independent countries who previously fell under British influence.

    Price for etching the blade is an additional £42.00

    Letter openers are supplied in a choice of a presentation box or a cardboard box.

    Letter opener presentation box

    Letter opener in a

    presentation box


    Letter opener cardboard box

    Letter opener in a

    small box


    Prices include VAT and exclude P&P.

    The example images of boxes show the Household Cavalry Life Guards letter opener.

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