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Mr Wilkinson of Pall Mall


Mr Wilkinson of Pall Mall Vol.1

Mr Wilkinson of Pall Mall Vol.2

    Mr Wilkinson of Pall Mall
    Volume One
    and Volume Two
    Robert Wilkinson Latham

    These two volumes provide the definitive reference work on the world famous sword makers. Both are copiously illustrated with photographs and drawings. Much of this material is taken from the private Wilkinson family archive and is not available elsewhere. As well as tracing the history of the company the books contain useful appendices with sword and gun numbers.

    Volume One 1772-1899:
    Traces the origin of the company with the establishment of a London business by the celebrated gun maker Henry Nock. It follows Henry' development of the gun making process to an extent that enabled the acceptance of a government order for 10,000 muskets. On Henry's death the company passed to his foreman James Wilkinson, it was James's son Henry who expanded into sword making in 1844.

    Volume Two 1900-1972:
    Follows the progress and expansion of the world famous sword makers, with the conversion to the factory system and the development of additional products such as razors and bulletproof clothing.

    These volumes were previously published as a private limited edition for Wilkinson Sword

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