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Observations on Swords 1844 and 1894 edition


Observations on Swords 1844 and 1894 edition

Observations on Swords 1844 and 1894 edition
Henry Wilkinson

This volume contains facsimile copies of the 1st edition, and of the 21st edition of the book by Henry Wilkinson, the famed sword and gun maker who lived from 1794 until 1861. The first edition was an eight-page pamphlet published on card. It appeared in 1844 as Henry Wilkinson was starting to manufacture swords. He "...felt assured that sufficient patronage will not be wanting to enable me to persevere in an attempt to render the swords of this country equal, if not superior, to any in the world." The pamphlet was a superb advertisement for the new business.

The 21st edition was published in 1894. It retains sections from the earlier editions on 'Observations' and 'Some useful Information for Officers Going to Join Their regiments in India'. It includes new sections on guns and swords that Wilkinson's could recommend and offer. These include fencing equipment, cannon for yachts and items for the detection of poachers! The 21st Edition also gives full details of Hunting Knives, Revolvers and Pistols, Tent Pegging Lances, London made razors, revolver transformers, fencing equipment, Ice Skates and Regulations Swords. It is fully illustrated.

By republishing these rare books in facsimile, this one volume, is a first class reference work, and an insight into the growth of the famous Wilkinson's company.

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