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Pictorial History of Swords and Bayonets


Pictorial History of Swords and Bayonets

Pictorial History of
Swords and Bayonets
R. J. Wilkinson-Latham

This book traces the evolution of swords, bayonets, dirks and daggers from their beginning until 1918.  The detailed text describes and follows the history of the sword, from the bronze and iron swords of the years before Christ, through the Roman, Viking and Saxon weapons; the swords of the Crusades; the elegant thin bladed rapier and the gentleman’s ‘Town’ or small sword of the 18th century.

The military sword is described in detail from the time of the formation of the first professional armies in Europe, through the various improvements and changes in style until the technically designed weapons of the 20th century.  Each type, whether infantry, cavalry or navy is discussed and the various patterns of some of the leading powers traced until 1918, when the sword was no longer regarded as an effective weapon of war and they became ceremonial swords.

This pictorial history is the ideal work of identification and reference for the collector and provides the general reader with a fascinating survey of the evolution of some of man’s oldest weapons.

The evolution of the bayonet is traced from its uncertain beginning and the large variety of locking devices and patterns of sword bayonet of some of the leading powers are followed in detail.  The knife, dirk and dagger are also fully discussed.  Native and non-military swords and daggers are included and the main types and styles described.

Photographs and drawings illustrate some 400 swords, 170 bayonets and 165 dirks, daggers and knives, all of which have been selected to complement the text.  Line drawings show makers’ marks and typical examples of blade decoration.  Many of the weapons are illustrated here for the first time.

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